Fashion Week Special: My NYFW Schedule & Daily Grind, The Beginning

As of right now, it’s not even fashion week yet. When this article publishes, I’ll be getting ready for the opening show of the official schedule: Nicholas K (you can follow along on Instagram stories or Snapchat for runway life glimpses). But, as of right now, it’s still the day before the first day of NYFW, and somehow I’m already exhausted.

Tuesday night was a WeWoreWhat x What Goes Around Comes Around NYFW party to get us all in the fashionable spirit. I loved seeing all my blogger friends that I both have met offline and that I’ve interacted with online! I finally got to meet Monika from Violet Roots in person, which was awesome considering we’ve been interacting on our blogs for months now! Danielle came by a bit and spoke to the group, and plenty of selfies and photos were taken next to the big Hermes ice cream display (which were rice krispies filled cones).

It got packed quickly, and a few of my friends and I decided to browse the selection of T-shirts we were standing next to. While we didn’t walk away with any merchandise, I’m going back to the store for the vintage Chanel goodies. They had some fabulous necklaces on display.

My Wednesday, The Day Before The Official NYFW Schedule

I got home pretty late on Tuesday, and feeling fairly exhausted, but I knew I needed to prep for Wednesday. I went to bed at midnight and set my alarm clock for 8:00 am.

8:00 am: Yay I’m already awake! No alarm clock needed! My first order of business is to make sure I have everything social media related ready for the day since I’m awful at multitasking. I’m really, really bad at it. For example, the night before, I was catching up on feeds and responding to comments on my Instagram, and I legitimately had to stop in the middle of the street on my way to the WeWoreWhat party. Like, just stopped dead in my tracks, pulled off to the side, and started responding. Then I did a second stop to post before I checked in at the party. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. So yes, I woke up before 8 AM and I immediately beelined to my laptop to catch up on emails and tasks.

NYFW Schedule: WeWoreWhat Danielle Bernstein NYFW Launch Party

9:00 am: I’m still on my laptop! I haven’t done my makeup yet or gotten ready. In fact, I have no clue what I’m gonna wear today. The first presentation I’m heading to is at 10:30 am downtown, and here I am sipping away at my cup of green tea. Get it together, woman! I put my camera battery to charge.

9:45 am: I have successfully applied foundation. Yes! I’ve also eaten an egg sandwich and had a cup of coffee by this point.

10:15 am: My makeup is done. My hair is done (and by done, I mean in a ponytail). I’m picking out my outfit. I’m organizing an influencer portion of an event on Saturday afternoon (the #hot2adopt party- come on by and say hello to me!), so I’m trying to get my emails together and make sure everyone has all the info they need for the day. I decide I’m not dressing up, so I put on a slip dress, an OAK puffy t-shirt sweater thing over it, and slip on some trusty white Adidas.

NYFW Schedule: Blogging Life before NYFW even starts

10:30 am: I’m obviously not making it for the beginning of this presentation. My husband suggests I take an Uber after I tell him I’m going to walk over there. I graciously accept his uber offer.

10:50 am: I’m checked in at the show and checking out Claudia Li’s collection. The first look immediately catches my eye. I love the button panel wide leg pants and the soft top accompaniment. The silhouettes are very familiar and relaxed. I love that I can immediately point out a Claudia Li piece as soon as I walk through the door. I do get thrown for a loop when I see some male models interspersed. The clothes they’re wearing fit perfectly with the story of femininity and feelings of freedom.

11:20 am: I’ve taken photos of nearly all the outfits, snapped for Snapchat, and added a few different videos for my Insta story. With the presentation program in my purse, I’m ready to head out. I make my way back home before I have to head to Brooklyn for the MAC Liptensity presentation. My husband tells me I received several fantastic goodies, and I can’t wait to go through them!

12:00 pm: I’m at home trying out the new MAC Liptensity shades, which all look amazing. I settle on a shade called Galaxy Grey, which is a purplish gray tone. After perfecting my pout, I tear open my Puma boxes. One of them contains a FentyxPuma crop top with elongated sleeves, and the other one has the FentyxPuma black sneaker wedges. I’m beyond ecstatic for both of these!

NYFW Schedule: Blogging Life before NYFW even starts, MAC Liptensity

1:00 pm: With my brand new wedges on, I’m making my way to the East River Ferry to head over to the MAC presentation. I don’t know what to expect of it, but I’m excited to find out what’s in store for me here. Since my parents live in Williamsburg, this is also going to be a good time to stop by and have my dad fix my broken iPhone screen. He’s amazing at that stuff.

1:50 pm: There are a lot of beautiful people waiting to get into the MAC presentation. It’s a bit hot outside today, but not unbearable. I see a friendly face in the crowd, Sarah (who does amazing makeup), and say hello. It feels so good to always know someone in the crowd! We catch up a bit, and it’s time to go in. The space is insane, and the lights constantly change colors, giving the room such a cool, moody glow. Huge trays of all the new MAC lipstick shades are laid out in the corner of the room for testing. I’m thrilled to be seeing them in action! I reapply the Galaxy Grey and grab a watermelon smoothie from the colorful smoothie bar (heck yes!).

2:30 pm: James Gager (MAC Creative Director), Maureen Seaberg (a tetrachromat who inspired this collection), and Jennifer Balbier (Sr. VP of Global Product Development) take to the stage and start the presentation off with a fun video about tetrachromats and the new lip colors. Tetrachromats have four cone cells in their eyes, allowing them to view up to 100 million colors as opposed to the usual 1 million that most people see. Crazy, right? Anyway, so here’s this amazingly perceptive collection of gel-smooth lipsticks that you can layer developed by someone who sees 100 times the amount of colors that you and I see! AKA- this is the perfect color collection.

3:00 pm: I’m at my parent’s house getting my phone fixed and starting to write this article. This is my much-needed rest time before I catch the ferry back into NYC from Williamsburg.

4:20 pm: I’m back on the ferry heading into the city.

4:45 pm: Getting an uber now to head to Lumoid and pick up my new lens. They close at 6, and the timing is tight considering the traffic. I make it by 5:40 pm.

5:50 pm: I’m back home, just in time for a quick rinse and an outfit change before heading to the #CreatorsFirst party at the Twitter HQ here in NYC. I choose simple black leggings, an Alexander Wang T and the new FentyxPuma boots to carry me into the night.

6:45 pm: I’m at the Twitter HQ meeting up with other bloggers. Before heading inside, Andrea of PrettyProperQuaint took several snaps of me for my #OOTD. So much easier than propping my phone on a lightpole like in a previous season.

7:30 pm: I get a text from my husband saying he knows a friend who has an extra press badge for Tom Ford. I need to arrive at the uptown show location by 8PM if I want to go. It took some back and forth consideration before I decided to just go for it. I really wanted to stay back and actually enjoy the Twitter party, but..Tom Ford, you know?

8:15 pm: I’m in an elevator with 10 male models. It’s a good night. 🙂 No but seriously, I’m in an elevator with 10 male models. It’s a freight elevator and we arrive backstage at Tom Ford. Things get confusing here. One, there’s no photography or social media allowed, so sorry, you’re not gonna get proof I was here. Tom Ford doesn’t care about #picoritdidnthappen. I couldn’t watch the show unfortunately in the main room. It was a seated event with everyone dressed to the T. And I’m still wearing a T-shirt.

9:30 pm: I’m home. I feel exhausted and the first thing I do is take off my makeup. Second thing, is I write this up. 🙂 The day is finally over and my alarm is set for 7 AM tomorrow morning. Nicholas K is at 9 AM and I anticipate another long day. I can’t believe fashion week hasn’t even started yet!

It’s now midnight and I need to sleep!! My NYFW schedule is just beginning.

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