FentyxPuma: Front Row Experience at Rihanna’s Debut NYFW Show

I had a spectacular experience viewing Rihanna’s debut show at NYFW. I’m so glad I perfected my “get ready in 20 minutes” game and running in heels because I spent the day working at home otherwise. I actually didn’t even feel the cold while running over to the venue. Pure excitement.

I got in early and had a chance to check out the set before it became crowded. An LED floor served as a walkway, with mirror-clad and white-washed trees springing up in the midst, creating a glam goth cemetery feel. Totally appropriate for the collection, which zoomed back into the ’90s with oversized hoodies, creepers, and black lips.

The fog machine game was strong, and an eerie soundtrack was miles away from what you would expect from Rihanna. Everything was perfect in its own, unique way. Although the goth aspect was unexpected, the clothing was spot on.

Every single piece looked like something Rihanna would undoubtedly wear, and surely enough she stepped out after the show, pantless, in an oversize hoodie, lace up sneaker-heels and a sleek black bob.

Enjoy the photos and check out my Periscope feed for the video from the show.

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