Top Hashtags for Likes on Instagram for Fashion Bloggers

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No matter how much Instagram changes, we’re all still madly addicted to the platform. We’re addicted enough to ignore anything that might negatively impact our Instagram life (for the most part), and we try our best to adapt to the new changes and go with the flow. The top hashtags for likes change fairly often, and you have to keep on top of your game to reach new audiences.

Over the last few months, Instagram implemented more algorithm changes, leaving a lot of Instagrammers up in arms about the deeply declining engagement. All kinds of rumors started spreading to justify the simple algorithmic change. People genuinely thought there was some personal agenda against certain Instagrammers.

I always try to explain to my readers and friends: Instagram is a business. You can’t build a business on top of another business and expect for things to stay consistent for you. If you’ve only built your business on Instagram, PLEASE start building something that YOU own. You need to be in control of how much exposure your content gains, without somebody else’s algorithm. That’s why mailing lists are so important!

Here’s the deal: even if you have 300k+ followers, IG will not care about tailoring their algorithm to your needs. They will ALWAYS choose changes that favor their quarterly financial reports. That means they will focus on algorithm changes that support ad sales (Facebook, which owns IG, is currently worth $350 BILLION). And, I’m sorry to say, but there are SO many talented content creators out there producing amazing content that even if a few threaten to boycott the platform, there will be ten more that join in and start posting.

Hashtags for Likes Instagram Facebook Stock
Oh, hi effective financial decisions and ad sales.

So while a lot of folks are discouraged and grasping for explanations, you just need to keep on trucking. Things will always change. You simply need to optimize your techniques and keep on adapting. Hashtags are still a very effective way to reach your target audiences, so being efficient with hashtags is important.

Personally, I have a spreadsheet of over 1k hashtags and their volumes, as well as how many of my photos got featured in the top category for the hashtag. It takes some maintenance, but it provides a lot of useful insight into what is working for your brand and what your focus should be.

Top Fashion Hashtags for Likes Spreadsheet Example
Hashtag Spreadsheet Example

How To Use Hashtags

Make sure to have a healthy mix of a few high-volume, mid-range, and low volume hashtags. The combination ensures that you hit the top category for at least one hashtag (typically, the low volume one). I’m not afraid to use a hashtag that has a 1-5k volume. It’s a little low for some, but I still get targeted followers from these tags.

Also, use all the hashtags you’re allowed to use. Screw the “you look spammy” thing. If you’re producing amazing content, it’s your right to market yourself. Just make sure to use relevant hashtags, obviously.

Top Fashion Hashtags for Likes Instagram Example
I, obviously, have no qualms over hashtag blocks.

Top Hashtags for Likes on Instagram

These are the tags that worked out well for me, so experiment a bit and keep track of whether your photos get featured in the top posts for the hashtag. Some may work better for you than others. Your Instagram content might be focusing on a slightly different type of audience also, so keep that in mind

1. #wanderluster – The tag #wanderlust is way too high volume to have proper exposure, so choose something with a bit of variation when showing off your travel photos.
2. #fashionbloggerstyle – We all know that everyone and their grandmother uses #fashionblogger, but fashionbloggerstyle is perfectly relevant to your fashion blogging without burying your post instantly.
3. #minimalhunter – Perfect choice for the minimal blogger who’s tired of #minimal.
4. #fashiongoals – No explanation needed.
5. #howtostyle – The new #wiw.
6. #fromabove – also consider, #outfitfromabove as an option if you have a from above photo
7. Any hashtag that’s a description of what’s in the photo. i.e. #chromenails #bluejeans #whitesneakers
8. #ootdpost/#stylepost – Just add “post” or “grid” on a favorite tag, and you’re ready to go.
9. #(whateveryoursubjectis)photo – For example #newyorkphoto, #puppyphoto #stylephoto – these will be in your small volume category. Always check sizes.
10. #myphotography – If you’re your own photographer, this performs brilliantly.

Have you found any hashtags that give you consistent results or that you just love using?

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